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School Choice Comes to Arizona!

Governor Ducey just signed a first-in-the-nation school choice law for Arizona parents and students. This law will provide parents with $7,000 to pay tuition at private schools if they do not choose to have their children educated in public schools. In order to be competitive, public schools will be forced to provide education, free of woke ideology and inappropriate subject matter, and return to a strong basic curriculum. This bill is a win for everyone.  


It's no surprise that the Left has immediately launched an initiative called 'Save Our Schools' to shut the law down. Ironically, they don't call it 'Save our Students which is what the new law actually does. 


The Left will attempt to collect 118,000 signatures to put this law on the ballet.



Liberty Ladies Prayer Event, AZ Capital, 2020.jpg


Liberty Ladies was created to help those who want to join the fight for our Constitution. We're focusing on resources and activities that battle our greatest enemy......

We are an action group within the Grand Republicans organization. While many of us are already in the battle, Liberty Ladies works with new volunteers to find established programs that can immediately benefit with new recruits.

Whether it be Voting integrity and monitoring, influencing local Arizona politics, or communicating with our Arizona representatives in Washington DC, there is a place for you.

Here are some of the ongoing activities and organizations in which Liberty Ladies are involved 

Your voice matters! The Arizona Legislatures's Request to Speak system allows you to leave public comments and sign up to speak at committee meetings. You can also thumbs up or down 👍👎🏼 bills at any time through the legislative process from My Bill Positions.

The first step of starting an Arizona Request To Speak account can only be completed at the Arizona Capitol Building.

Our volunteers are happy to save you a trip, start an account for you, and send you your credentials. Click the button below to sign up to take EASY ACTION. Add to contacts: and

Take A Principled, Aggressive Stand In Support Of Our Issues And Policies. Unlike Other Organizations In Arizona, The Free Enterprise Club Is Not Afraid To Stand
Up To Powerful Politicians And Special Interest Groups That Want To Maintain The Status Quo.

You can easily get up-to-date information about pending legislation that impacts you and your family. An excellent Resource for current Legislation that impacts our daily lives and businesses is: The Arizona Free Enterprise Club.
It’s FREE and comes to you weekly on your computer.

Take action! Make your opinion known.
Write letters to The President, US Congress, Party Leaders,
Governor, and State Legislators.

Studies show that individually written letters are the most effective way to
communicate with Congress. You write the subject line and body of the
letter, KwikLetter® handles the delivery address, return address, greeting,
closing, signature, printing, stuffing, stamping and placing in the U.S. mail.

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